Independence Day

Two hundred and forty-three years ago a scattered people were so determined and of like mind, they became a unified country – one, built out of many. Independence. Breaking the ties that bound and oppressed, to stand and become something new, beautiful, and strong. Happy Independence Day! Be strong. Be beautiful. Be new.


As a widow, I don’t have an oppressive relationship from which I’ve broken. I didn’t choose, want, or strive after this “independence”. Yet, here I am. And although grief will always be a part of my life, for the rest of my life, in some fashion or other, I need not be tethered and oppressed and limited by the constraints of grief. My “independence” comes from the power of the Spirit to shed the unhealthy, limiting bonds of grief in order to shine and grow… and live. My freedom in Him encourages me to #Discover, daily, who He made me to be, to #LoveOnPurpose in each circumstance I find myself, and reach out to encourage you to #LiveYourFaithBoldly. So, I’ll say it again, Happy Independence Day! Be strong. Be beautiful. Be new.

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