A Solo Anniversary

Today. 24 years ago. What a special day with a really special guy. We only got to celebrate this day 21times. That feels surreal that this day is upon me alone for the 3rd time. Yet here it is.

It’s still special to remember, but it’s sad to remember alone.

He’s still special in my heart, but he’s not here to tell.

I don’t think I dwell, but I do remember.

Today is a big remembering kind of day. Remembering the love, the commitment, the choice every day. The smile, the laughter, the campfires, the canoe floats, the diy projects. Holding hands, a shoulder to lean on; the sound of his voice. So many things.

And so I’ve journeyed solo for this day this year. Time for just me, and God; He’s my forever companion. Not because I wanted to be sad, but because I wanted to just get away and do something uplifting and positive for me. The memories and the grief don’t get left anywhere; they’re a part of me forever. They do, however, become part of my present and my future – tomorrow, next month, next year – as I journey forward and live the life God has for me.

I know my journey hasn’t always looked pretty, and I still have much to learn and grow and do. That is, after all, what living life is all about, right?


Click to watch a video.

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