Rejoice & Blossom

Rejoice & Blossom“The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus, it will burst into bloom; it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy.”
Isaiah 35:1-2a

I like color. I paint with color in my house in every room. It brings me joy. I like flowers, too. Their colors can be so vibrant, and they just make me smile. Unfortunately, I haven’t invested in flowers around my home. Mortgage, gas, food – those always seems to take precedence. So flowers – I enjoy those from afar. They lighten the mood; a balm to weary emotions or nerves. They just elicit joy and peacefulness. Who wouldn’t want a little of that?

One thing I’m trying to bring into my new world this year is flowers. No, my residence hasn’t changed. It’s still the awesome, vast property I’ve been on for 15 years. But, my world is different. And I’m eager to bring some new joy and peacefulness into my outdoor space. It’s no longer the hangout for campfires or sword fights, backyard movies or home improvement projects. I long for it to be a tranquil retreat that makes me smile. How do I wish to accomplish that? Flowers.

Thanks to the generosity of a friend as a “happy birthday / happy new book release”, I have some pretty color to add to my yard this spring. It’s a simple thing, really, but big, too. Will my yard be transformed in one summer? No. It’s way too big. But, one thing at a time, Lord willing, I will see some transformation emerge as the seasons change.

Isn’t that just like God, though? His presence, His peace, is transformative. Over time, little by little, He guides and shapes us; planting new color here and there, and watering to satisfaction. In the parched, desert plots within our hearts and life, He quenches our thirst and brings forth newness and color, allowing us to blossom and “rejoice greatly and shout for joy.”

So, go, grab a flat of flowers and plant some new color in your space. Enjoy the beauty and peacefulness. Smile. And allow the Lord to bring the same joy, an even greater joy, to your heart, as well.


Even with flowers.

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