An Anniversary Gift

Memorial Page Blog PhotoToday would’ve been my 22nd wedding anniversary. To honor that, here is my gift:

Months ago I decided I wanted to make a Memorial page for Thadd on the Tweets Unlimited site. I wanted a place to honor his memory, allow others to learn more about him, read his writings, watch his videos, #Discover.

I mulled it over for quite a while, trying to puzzle out how it would all look and connect and flow. One day it finally clicked. After that, many many hours were spent writing, compiling descriptions and introductions, pulling pictures and videos, and sifting my imagination to build his site. I’ve shed tears, smiled a lot, gone to bed late with a headache from too much screen time, and even laughed out loud. Some pieces were harder to complete than others, but in all honesty I enjoyed doing this. It’s my kind of project, and it was fun to write about Thadd. But I tell you, the hardest thing I’ve ever written (and you know I’ve written quite a few difficult things) was his home page. I hit a brick wall on that so many times, for months, and I’m still not sure it’s right. But, finally, I am pleased to say – the project is now live.

I hope you will take some time to visit, read, watch, and share Thadd’s site. May you be blessed by his life, his love, his faith. May you always remember his heart and may you #Discover, for the first or ten-thousandth time the One with whom he now walks in his forever home.

Do #LoveOnPurpose, always.

#LiveYourFaithBoldly, because today is your gift from the Father, and you just might have the way to share the gift of Jesus with someone else today, too.


Click here to go to Thadd’s page. And please share. Thank you.

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