The Last Time

Standing in the card aisle I knew. I knew it would be the last time I would buy a Mother’s Day card for my mom. I knew I was spending a last birthday with her – mine and hers. I also knew I was attending Christmas Eve service for the last time with Thadd. And unlike the first day of 2014 when I sat back and wondered if it would be the last time I would start a new year with him (he was going in for a heart procedure the next day), the first day of 2018, I knew.

What I didn’t know was when the last real hug was. I don’t recall the last time we all sat down at the table for dinner together. I didn’t realize the last picture I would take with Thadd was being taken until I looked at it about a month ago. Now I know.

The Facebook feature “on this day” is one of my favorites. I’ve always enjoyed looking back over the years to see what was going on in life and marveling at some of the things we’ve done, how much we’ve grown. This afternoon I opened it up to see that on this day last year, Thadd and I paddled a canoe for the last time together on Smithville Lake. I didn’t know it then. Thanks to his photo and the facebook app, I do remember it. And now I know.

The Last canoeI remember walking along the path by the lake earlier in the day, enjoying the beautiful weather. I remember walking back to push off in the canoe and paddling around the lake in the wind. The sky was blue and it was beautiful. The wind chased us in a little earlier than we would’ve liked; it was pretty windy. But I always liked being out in the canoe with Thadd. It was peaceful, and it was special time for just us.

We seldom know when something is “the last time”. I count it a blessing when I have known. The reality of life, though, is that we don’t usually get that insight. So, don’t waste your moments. Don’t take them for granted. One day a photo will surface and be your reminder that it was “the last time” – may you remember it fondly.

#Discover – your first or last, it doesn’t matter, just make it count.

#LoveOnPurpose every day, because you can.

#LiveYourFaithBoldly every chance you get, whether it’s your first or last, it doesn’t matter, just make it count.

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