A Perspective of Appreciation

I’m beginning the book of Mark as part of the Lenten study with SheReadsTruth.com . I’m a week behind, but I’m not going to dwell on that. As I turned to the beginning of the book in my HCSB Bible, I read this introduction and was reminded of how I referred to my last weeks and days with my late husband. I love how God’s word reflects and blends with everyday life today.

“In Mark everything happens ‘immediately.’ As soon as one episode ends, another begins. The rapid pace slows down when Jesus enters Jerusalem. Thereafter, events are marked by days, and His final day by hours.”

That is so like life. As soon as one event or holiday or season ends, another is quick upon us. One thing almost, and often, seamlessly transitions into another and we comment that time goes by so quickly. Half the time, I struggle to know what day it is – it all goes by in a whirl.

When my late husband “got” sick and was diagnosed with cancer, everything changed. I experienced a microcosm of time, where weeks felt like months, days felt like weeks, and hours felt like days. Nothing made sense, yet I tried so hard to find some clarity and order, even as I tried to roll with it.

I have no real “point” other than the acknowledgment of similarity and a perspective of appreciation. I love that God’s word can relate so beautifully and intrinsically to my life, and I know it can for you, too.

I’m looking forward to diving into the book of Mark as we continue through the Lenten season and Bible study. I’m hoping Mark’s emphasis on actions and deeds will ignite a focus in me; something I struggle to find daily.

It is spring and Easter is coming. Do something on purpose to align your heart to Jesus.

#loveonpurpose #liveyourfaithboldly

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