Welcome 2020

A new day, a new year, a new decade. 2020. There’s been so much talk on social media about reflecting on the last ten years. How life has changed, all that’s been done, what’s been learned. When I try to think back to 2010, I can’t remember. So much of life has been just getting by. Day by day. Paycheck by paycheck. Show by show. Project by project.

Many have died. My first thought about the decade is that – those I’ve lost. Thadd died; that was/is a pretty big event. But I know the decade included a great deal of life, too.

Tournament travel
Thadd’s heart ablasion
The big kitchen remodel
A pop up camper, followed by a C-class motorhome
The Great School Experiment
Young Eagles flights
Presidential libraries
Lego robotics
Isaiah’s high school graduation
Publishing 2 books
Marvel movies
Backyard movie nights

Hmm. Looks like the 2010s can be summed up in three words: ACT1, Archery, books. Looking over the photo files, it’s really just ACT1 and archery. So, narrowing it down to the heart of the 2010s – family. My decade was about my family. The photos reflect it. We invested in our family. Period. And I wouldn’t change that for a minute.

As the decade wrapped up, the picture definitely changed. Thadd’s death, Isaiah moving into his own place, and Elijah’s own independence have all changed the picture of my family, and the focus of my time. I haven’t liked all of it, and it’s been so difficult to wrap my mind around. I’ve stepped forward falteringly, clumsily, awkwardly, and not always graciously. As I ponder the New Year, I see an opportunity to, once more, reflect and vision cast.

It’s time to clarify the 2020 picture, at least a little. Time to tune out all the noise of television and social media, and make some plans for how to move forward into and through 2020.

Writing. Speaking. Business. Creating a sustainable living. Graduating Elijah. Exploring and enjoying the life I have.

There is still much I do not know, but I’m hopeful, albeit accompanied by a large dose of anxiety, fear, and trepidation, not to mention blindness. But at the heart, leading all of that, is faith.

As I write this, I had a verse pop into my head. For the first time, I think I truly understand the meaning and intention of this verse.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

He does, He is, strengthening me, each step of this life and widow’s journey. And I’m doing it. Oh, not in my power or my way. No, truly in His. I can do this. I AM doing this. And I have my heavenly father to thank. I will keep looking to Him, leaning on Him, listening to Him. And I will keep following His plan, even when it’s scary and doesn’t make sense on paper. I’m actually kind of excited to see what God has in store for 2020. Aren’t you?

#LiveYourFaithBoldly #LoveOnPurpose

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