Where is the Good Fairy?

Remember Little Bunny Foo Foo? You know, that little bunny that hopped through the forest scooping up field mice and bopping them on their heads? And do you remember the Good Fairy who, after failing on his three chances to change his actions and behave, turned the bunny into a goon (or a toad, or a puddle of slime, or whatever your young imagination conjured)? Well, my question today is, where is the Good Fairy?

Where is the Good Fairy that will turn into a goon (or a puddle of slime) the rlittle bunny fo fooude, disrespectful, manipulative bully who is grossly unprofessional and so far beyond “out of line” that I can’t even see the line? The one who thinks they’re a great big fish in a tiny little pond, when in reality they’re a tiny little fish in a great big lake. (I’m now remembering Qui-Gon Jinn’s line from Star Wars, Phantom Menace, “There’s always a bigger fish.”)

Just like the condition of three chances from the Good Fairy, in baseball it’s three strikes and you’re out. Good policy. Many sports have an actual ejection policy. I did a simple search and discovered that several sports’ policy is two infractions to elicit an ejection (of coach or player) and for just as many sports, ejection is at the discretion of the official based on the severity of the infraction. (Now, please don’t start criticizing the policies or my crude and rudimentary interpretation of the same, I’m simply using it illustratively.) The point here is, break the rules and behave inappropriately and you’re out of the game. Simple. Clearly defined parameters, clearly defined consequences.

I like simple. And, yes, I like clearly defined parameters. I like integrity. And I like respectful behavior. None of those is difficult. But when a modern day bunny foo foo enters the picture, we need a Good Fairy. Two separate posts on my facebook newsfeed today reminded me that (1) it really is okay, good even, to be assertive, and (2) the Word says to leave room for God’s wrath. Good reminders in the face of a modern day bunny foo foo. So Lord, I’m asking you for Your version of the Good Fairy to turn bunny foo foo into a goon (or a puddle of slime) and eject said bunny from the game.

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