Breathe . . . Thankfulness

20150728 MO River Boys E 4 (640x426)As the Breathe Christian Writer’s Conference in Michigan approaches, I’m faced with a few emotions. Thankfulness, excitement and nervousness.

First and foremost, I am truly thankful for this opportunity. I so wanted to attend when I read the descriptions on the website. Seeing that it was in Michigan made it even more appealing since I’ve never been there, but I’ve always wanted to. Once I counted the costs, however, attendance was just a dream, or a prayer. And so I prayed, but I also accepted that it was not likely to happen unless God dropped a pretty significant amount of cash in our lap. I couldn’t image where such a thing would come from, so I worked away at my book, grabbed a stack of writers magazines from the library and continued to peruse the internet regarding writing things.

Now, God is a God of miracles. I know this. I’ve seen it in so many ways over the years. But God has a way of continually surprising me and blessing me with ‘yes’ answers (don’t worry, I receive plenty of ‘no’ answers, too.) Walking into my home one evening my husband announced “the tax refund check came.”  Tax refund check? I had completely forgotten about such a thing. And yet, setting at my place at the table was an envelope with a check to us. I stood staring, dumbfounded; humbled. This was my husband’s retreat money… and mine. God had given a big ‘yes,’ a resounding ‘yes!’ And so I’m thankful.

My thankfulness extends beyond the monetary gift from the Lord. He also has blessed me with a supportive and encouraging husband. And it is my husband who was quick to tell me to go sign up and make the plans. The five days I’m gone will be a challenge for him to cover his own job, transportation for our older son’s job, archery, theatre rehearsals and robotics, but he’s willing to be stretched extra thin (just hopefully not crispy) for a few days so I can attend. So, I am also very thankful for his support and encouragement.

I think thankful is a pretty good place to be.

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