A “Seussical” video rhyme

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to take pictures of the ACT One cast and crews during rehearsals and show, and I have quite a bit of fun putting the videos together to share at the cast party.  I just thought I’d share the fun I had this semester here with you.


ACT One Fall 2014 "Seussical Jr." cast being silly

ACT One Fall 2014 “Seussical Jr.” cast being silly

A “Seussical”y rhyme, by Sharon Tweet

If you can stand it, I’ve got one more rhyme for you

Before the journey of Seussical Jr. is completely through.


Inspired by Mrs. Umstaadt I’m taking a step out to be bold,

Trust me, it’s not that easy, even when you’re this old.


I’m always awed by your talent and your grace,

And amazed you can keep up with such a franetic pace.


You show off your may super powers up on that stage

As you sparkle and shine at every age.


You’ve given your very best even when you were tired or sick,

I’m so proud of all of you, and a special shout out to Elijah and Isaac.


Two videos I have to share with you tonight,

I sure hope they play right.


Three months of rehearsals, hard work and laughs,

Will speed by in a 4 minute time lapse.


Then relive the journey from beginning to end

It’s such a sweet gift of time you’ve been able to spend.


My rhyme is nearly finished, you can breathe a sigh of relief,

When I return to my seat, please don’t give me any grief.


Thank you ACT1, thank you cast and crews,

For letting me follow along on this journey with you.


I don’t fly, I’m not super strong and I can’t control weather,

No, my super power is infinitely better.


Now sit back and relax, I’ve reached the end of my rhyme. . .

Oh. . .  and my super power? It’s freezing time!

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