Message In A Bottle

For the past 3 years I have been walking alongside 5 others as we share God’s word with our TruthSeeker kids.  (TruthSeekers is a 3 year discipleship training program through our church for 3rd-5th graders.)  Last week was the Blessing Night for our last year; our last official night of TruthSeekers.  At the end of each year we have given each of our kids a little something as a remembrance for our year.  Since God’s word is a special message for each of us, last year each of us leaders “gave” a verse to each of our kids.  This year, after adding to our numbers, we used those verses in a “message in a bottle.”  Their verse is printed on a scroll, wrapped in twine, and tucked inside a bottle.  Attached to the bottle is a tag with “truth” and their scripture reference on one side, and their name and “2013” on the other.  I, along with my son (my TruthSeeker), made these for each of our kids this year. It was fun (albeit hard on the fingers) to do this.  I hope that it will be a lasting reminder that God’s word is for each of us, always, with something new for us in each new season of life.

Message In A Bottle

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