A Winter Day

What a blessing of a day. The snow is falling, the wind is blowingFireplace Heater, but we are all snug and cozy in our home. We may not have a real fireplace, but I’m blessed with a cool little heater that looks like one. It invokes the same type of feelings of comfort and warmth. I have a bonus on this snow day, too. My husband came home early – I hadn’t even made our breakfast yet, he was home that early. He lugged his laptop and a tall stack of paperwork into the house after an hour drive (twice as long a normal, but shorter than many have had today), all safe and sound.

My breakfast turned into a bHeart Shaped Biscuitsrunch that felt more like a Saturday than a Thursday. Biscuits and gravy with heart shaped, homemade biscuits. Heart shapes are not just for Valentine’s Day, they’re for any day just to say “I love you!” With some guitar music playing on Pandora we gathered around the table to enjoy our meal together. Good conversation, good food, and a nice warm cup of mocha. Ahh, I love these family times.

After about 10 inches of snow had fallen, all 3 of my guys headed out the door, with the dogs, to play and work. The dogs seemed quite happy to be out in the snow, with their boys with them, as they bounded through the snow and played. All of them workedDogs in Snow on shoveling one part or another. Not to be stuck in the “all work and no play” mode, my little guy started on the ever coveted snow fort. We don’t usually get enough snow for one, so this is a real treat.  That one will take a little time though – it’s cold out there!

The pantry is stocked, the electricity is working, and my family is all together. We get to witness God’s gift of snow as it falls outside, covering the ground and making everything look even more beautiful than it usually is. We don’t need to fret about a little snow, or even a lot of snow. The extra, added bonus? My kids don’t need to suspend their studies. They still pull out the books and hunker down to get their work done, practice a little guitar, and muddle through math. But once those studies are finished, they’re free to play, watch a movie, read – ah, this list goes on. Sounds like the perfect winter day to me.  Now, should I read, work on pictures, crochet, give myself a manicure, watch a movie…….

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